Last night, my friend Rob and I were spitballing where to place various social networks on a D&D Alignment Chart — inspired, of course, by the deplatforming of Parler (Neutral Evil) over the weekend.

I can’t believe we forgot Flickr.

Some of my favorite groups are still there and active: Annotated Workspaces, where people share labeled tours of their workspaces and Fox Wire Terrier, which I joined after we adopted our own fox terrier.

Flickr was pleasant, reasonably well-moderated, and people were nice. It didn’t have explosive network effects like Twitter or Facebook ended up having, but wasn’t a completely walled garden, either. I miss Flickr. Flickr was Neutral Good.

We need more Neutral Good. Neutral Good respects the need for rules and law, but understands that they can’t be adequate to every situation. Neutral Good will bend the rules when morality dictates, but won’t glory in it or do it lightly. You can build a world on Neutral Good. It won’t be a utopia, but it will mostly work and it won’t be needlessly cruel.